“Why would anyone want to use the internet differently from the way use the internet?” is a point of view that holds us back….“ Why would someone ever want to do that?” is the wrong question. It doesn’t matter why they want to do it. The fact is that people do. The right question, the one that we all should be asking, is “how can we make a better experience for them?”

Karen McCane

Perhaps what most distinguishes us humans from the rest of the animal kingdom is our ravenous desire to find structure in the information we pick up in the world.

Daniel Bor, via Brain Pickings

Often when I’m reading academic work not only do I feel like there’s no soul, I feel like it’s not even written by humans. Or for humans.

— Rachel Toor in Writing With Soul

10 points (out of a possible 10) for airport decor, San Francisco #latergram

10 points (out of a possible 10) for airport decor, San Francisco #latergram

Tea lounging at Samovar with .@quickwitwriter after day one of #2013ssp

Tea lounging at Samovar with .@quickwitwriter after day one of #2013ssp

“That is, ‘LOL’ no longer ‘means’ anything. Rather, it ‘does something’ — conveying an attitude — just as the ending ‘-ed’ doesn’t ‘mean’ anything but conveys past tense. LOL is, of all things, grammar.”

–John McWhorter, in “LOL Isn’t Funny Anymore

Nope, not another article lamenting the decline of modern language.

Happy Mothers’ Day, Mum

Happy Mothers' Day to my sweet mom, who builds backyard forts, never gives up, grows flowers in what is basically the desert, and supports her kids always and forever. Love you, mum.

“I’m in a minority of reporters and editors who are genuinely excited to be working at this moment in history and not in the past. Again and again, I found myself playing the role of cheerleader, trying to convince tired and broke journalists to get excited about the future of media.”

–Ann Friedman, in “This Is the Best Moment to Be in Journalism

“As the militias poured into his city, Haidara knew he had to do something to protect the approximately 300,000 manuscripts in different libraries and homes in and around Timbuktu…. ‘When I thought of something happening to the manuscripts, I couldn’t sleep,’ he told me later.”

–Yochi Dreazen in “The Brazen Bibliophiles of Timbuktu